The Caribou Monitoring Unit (CMU) was developed to support woodland caribou recovery in Canada. The CMU works with academics, industry, and government to facilitate applied research and provide scientific expertise to evaluate and monitor caribou recovery options.

Caribou Ecology & Recovery Webinar Series

>> Join us to explore the latest research supporting caribou recovery in Canada—from general ecology, to the mechanisms of caribou declines, to potential recovery options. The series begins with a Western Canadian focus, and will extend to include a national and international scope.

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CMU in the Media

With limited funds for conservation, researchers spar over which species to save—and which to let go.

Even with round-the-clock attention and hand-gathered lichen for food, caribou calf 15 was doomed once it stepped from a pen here surrounded by 4-meter-high fences. That was clear as wildlife biologist Rob Serrouya crouched in the shadows of a grove of stunted yew trees a kilometer away from the pen and picked up the brown, nylon radio-tracking collar that once encircled the calf’s neck….Read More

Featured Projects

Defining Functional Habitat Recovery

“Habitat restoration is a core element for recovery, but how do we know when habitat is restored? …

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Prioritizing Areas for Restoration in the Oil Sands

Over 100,000 km of seismic lines have been cut across Alberta’s Oil Sands Area…

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From Research to Recovery

During the 1990s, the main focus of the Columbia Mountains Caribou Research Project was researching caribou ecology and 

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